ABC's of Puppyhood
What is Puppy School?
A must have 5 week course for puppies up to 18 weeks old. Focuses on socialization and preventing unwanted behaviors before they start.

Puppy school is a great way to start off the relationship with your new baby. You will learn how to let your puppy know when you like what he is doing and how to minimize or prevent him from doing the things you don't like.

How Do We Do That?
This is done by reinforcing the behavior we like and ignoring the behavior we don't like, using a method of training called Clicker Training. Clicker training is a reward-based method that uses an event marker (a clicker or your voice) to let the dog know which behavior he is doing that we like.

We concentrate on what the puppy is doing right instead of what he is doing wrong. The focus is on the solution, not the problem.

Some of what you'll learn in Puppy School . . .
      • Attention
      • Name Recognition
      • Sit
      • Down
      • Intro to Coming When Called
      • Crate Training Tips and Introduction
  • Bite Inhibition
  • Housetraining Hints
  • Off/Four on the Floor Greeting
  • Intro to Loose Leash Walking
  • Handling Techniques
  • Training/Practicing for Basic Vet Exams

Classes meet once a week for 5 weeks and are 1 hour long, with 15-20 minutes of socialization time afterwards.

For information on class times and how to register, email

Jenna Saxton


AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class



For information on the S.T.A.R. Puppy class, contact

Judy Thigpin








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